Reception and Historical Tour

Our social event will be FREE, but spots are limited! Complete the pre-registration to be eligible for the on-site registration, which will be taken during the first day of the presential workshop.

Buses will take the attendees to Anhumas Station where they will take the Maria Fumaça train until Tanquinho. There the reception and a visit to the Telephone Museum will be offered to SEMINATEC participants. The free tickets will be limited to 80 participants. For that, you need to pre-register for this session by filling in the following form: pre-register. Remember that a confirmation registration is also needed on-site during the first day of the workshop, March 30th.

More info about the locomotive ride can be accessed on the Maria Fumaça Campinas website.

Bus departure to the social event: located about 170 m from the workshop location. Coordinates: 22°49’01.8″S 47°03’58.2″W