Poster Session

These are the accepted posters at the SEMINATEC2023 poster session:

TaN thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering for multi-chip modules
Vivian Andrade

Influence of the solvent on the properties of thin films of the red-light emitting polymer PFDTBT
Elisa Brito

Dual-Delay-Path VCRO with Self-Biased Delay Cells
Agord de Matos Pinto Júnior

Design of a CMOS LC-VCO for PLL-based Frequency Synthesizer in RF Tuner
Agord de Matos Pinto Júnior

Ni-P Deposition on Polished Alumina at low Temperature
Alexander Flacker

A mini review of micro electrical characterization of electrical devices
Fernando Cesar Rufino

Drain Current Behaviour in FinFET, iFinFET and GAA FET Devices by TCAD 3D Simulation
Sidnei de Oliveira Nascimento

HfO2 deposited by RF sputtering for SiC MOS capacitor application
Rodrigo Cesar

A Compact Power Amplifier for UWB Multi-channel Medical Imaging
Rafael Maria

Simulation and Electrical Characterization of Nanowire MOS Transistors at High Temperatures
Giovanni Almeida Matos

A multi-phased ring oscillator TDC, designed in HDL language, applied to a low-cost FPGA
Wellington de Melo

Junctionless Nanowire Transistor Application as a Common Source Current Mirror
André Shibutani

Electron Mobility in AlGaN/GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors
Eduardo Canga Panzo

Microfabrication of Si THz filters using Ti mask for SF6 plasma etching
Everton Bonturim

Simulation of SAW Sensors using metallic oxides Thin Films for modeling and fabrication
Fábio Almeida

Analysis of Transconductance and Electric Mobility in SOI Nanowires nMOSFETs
Vinícius Prates

Simulation of a magnetostrictive optical modulator for application as magnetometer
Bruno Lima

Monitoring the internal temperature of a nanowire SOI MOSFET caused by the self-heating effect using a neighbor PIN diode
Felipe Carnielli

The Use of Customized Imperialist Competitive Algorithm and Diamond Layout Style for MOSFET to Optimize and Reduce Die Area of Robust Miller CMOS OTA
Egon Galembeck

Electrical Characterization of SiO2 Capacitors by Sol-Gel process Christiano Pereira Guerra
Barrier layer properties influence on the MISHEMT channels activation voltages

Bruno Canales

BESOI MOSFET: A Brief Review
Pedro Henrique Duarte

Comparing conventional MOS and ELT layouts for TID tolerance
Paulo Roberto Garcia Junior

Relationship between transconductance and mobility variability in nanowire transistors
Lucas Mota Barbosa da Silva

Comparative Analysis of Junctionless and Inversion-Mode Nanowire MOSFETs’ Mobility at High Temperatures
Rhaycen Prates

Use of unit testing for digital design validation of RISC-V Clauber Cesário de Souza
Total Ionizing Dose Effect on PMOS Power Transistors

Thomas Pschera

Programmable Frequency Synthesizer for Digital Systems Driving
Raphael Ronald Noal Souza

Analysis of the Effective Channel Length of Junctionless Nanowire transistors through Capacitance Characteristics
Everton Matheus da Silva

HfO2 Thickness Evaluation in Non-Volatile Bipolar ReRAM Devices
Fernando Costa

Thermal treatment devices preparation to evaluate energy of traps generated by TID
Guilherme Grandesi

Design of Radiation Hardening VCRO in UMC 180 nm CMOS technology
Raphael Ronald Noal Souza

Comparison of Self-Biased Temperature-Independent Current Sources in 65 nm CMOS Process
Raphael Ronald Noal Souza

Second and Third-Order Low-Pass Filter (LPF)-Based PLL: A Comparative Analysis (Part II)
Raphael Ronald Noal Souza

Second and Third-Order Low-Pass Filter (LPF)-Based PLL: A Comparative Analysis (Part I)
Raphael Ronald Noal Souza

Randomization Technique Analysis for Noise and Spurs Reduction in PLLBased Frequency Synthesizers
Raphael Ronald Noal Souza

Electrical Characterization of Trench Power Transistor under Total Ionizing Radiation Effects
Ana Laura Queiroz Guid

TCAD-Based Study of Junctionless ISFET
Claudio Moreira

Evaluation of Blade Coating Technique for Thin Film Deposition on Silicon and Silicon Dioxide Substrates: A Literature Review
Jordelson Abreu Junior